Class canceled Tuesday

September 17, 2006 at 10:21 am (General)

I need to cancel class for Tuesday morning; we’ll need to do our best to grapple with “In Memoriam” in a single session on Thursday.

As a substitute, you might consider reading T. S. Eliot’s essay on “In Memoriam,” first published in his _Essays, Ancient and Modern_ (London: Faber, 1936). This is the essay where Eliot wrote that “In Memoriam,” despite its tone of spiritual crisis, is a very religious poem “not because of the quality of [Tennyson’s] faith, but because of the quality of his doubt.” It’s available in several books in the library, including the original Faber edition.

See you Thursday.

P.S. Please do post questions and answers on the usual schedule. Thanks.



  1. Holly Ellern said,

    What happened to Tennyson’s sister (Hallam’s fiancee) after Arthur Hallam died, and how did she and the rest of Tennyson’s family respond to Hallam’s death?

  2. Meredith Willis said,

    Besides being Tennyson’s friend, who was Arthur Henry Hallam?

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